Audiovisual Digitization Internship – The Drug Policy Alliance

The Drug Policy Alliance has an immediate opening for an audiovisual digitization internship.

Drug Policy Alliance

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nation’s leading organization seeking to dramatically alter drug policy here and around the world.   DPA fights for drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights. The work is grounded in the principles of harm reduction, an approach that seeks to minimize the negative consequences of both drug use and drug policies.  DPA’s work encompasses a wide array of policy issues, including:

  • Sentencing reform and alternatives to incarceration
  • Harm reduction (HIV, hepatitis C and overdose prevention)
  • Ending marijuana prohibition, marijuana decriminalization, medical marijuana
  • Drug education, youth and drugs
  • Race and the drug war
  • Effective drug treatment
  • Civil liberties and rights
  • International drug control
  • Alternatives to prohibition and pragmatic steps for ending the drug war

In the last 12 years, DPA has expanded from its New York headquarters to include eight offices, 46 staff, 26,000 dues-paying members and nearly 200,000 online subscribers.  It has a solid track record of success at the local, state, and federal levels and is increasingly visible in prominent media and policy circles.  (For more information, see

The Position

Assist the Communications Department with the digitization of the audiovisual collection of the Lindesmith Library.  The Lindesmith Library is one of the world?s leading resources for scientific information on drug policy as well as an outstanding source of information on drug policy reform. The collection of contemporary and historical articles, books, and films is unmatched, and the services of the library play a critical role in advancing an honest and informed public discourse about drug issues.

The Lindesmith Library was founded in 1995 and named after Professor Alfred Lindesmith of Indiana University, the first prominent scholar in the U.S. to challenge conventional thinking about drugs, addiction, and drug policy. The collection contains more than 15,000 books, audio recordings, articles, and videos focusing on drugs and drug policy from economic, criminal justice, public health and other perspectives.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Utilize hardware and software to create digital copies of VHS and audio cassette tapes
  • Create and refine metadata for library records of video and audio collection

Based in DPA’s New York City headquarters, the Digitization Intern will be part of DPA?s Communications team and report to the Managing Director of Communications.  One day of training on a Tuesday will be necessary.


At least one completed semester at an accredited library and information science program OR media program is required.  Previous cataloging experience, library experience, digitization experience, and/or experience in substance abuse related work are pluses.   The ideal intern will be highly organized, have a good sense of humor, be able to work with minimum supervision, and be able to commit two days a week until December 2011.  In return, the volunteer will have the chance to work with a highly skilled and fun team of committed people.


This is an unpaid internship. Interns are offered a modest travel stipend.

Deadline: September 16, 2011

Application Process: Please submit a cover letter and resume to David B. Abbott, Office Manager at

Drug Policy Alliance is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Women, people of color, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. We are particularly interested in hiring those who have been adversely affected by the war on drugs.