Database Design Consultant (3-month contract) – Graduate NYC!

The City University of New York (CUNY) and the NYC Department of Education (DOE) are collaborating in the areas of research, partner engagement, aligning academic standards, advisement and counseling, and accountability and sustainability in an initiative known as Graduate NYC!  This partnership is in the second year of a three-year Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Communities Learning in Partnership (CLIP) grant, and aims to improve college readiness and to increase success rates in higher education.

The success of the research component hinges on the ability to conduct analysis and reporting easily and efficiently.  As such, a key component of the collaborative is the construction of a data warehouse to store student-level data from DOE and CUNY.  The warehouse will be designed to support the tracking of students over their high school and college careers. This warehouse will support policy-oriented research as well as reporting of student outcomes to DOE high schools and CUNY colleges.  The warehouse will be built on an Oracle platform and employ Oracle’s Business Intelligence software (Discoverer).

Other Duties:

The Database Designer will be responsible for designing a data warehouse to support the analytic work of the Graduate NYC analysts.

Key Duties:

• Develop detailed technical design specifications from the   functional design specifications

• Develop specifications for staging, lookup and fact and dimension  tables

• Define ETLs to import data from both external files and other  Oracle databases

• Specify relationships among database entities

• Develop structures to support trending, and forward and backward   tracking analyses

• Develop algorithms for computing complex outcomes and calculated fields

• Design data security and access protocols

• Design and implement data quality checks

• Prepare specifications for the development of an End-User layer

• Prepare prototype design (blueprint) of data flow, table structure  and entity relationships and delivers specifications to coder(s)

• Participates in quality assurance after data warehouse is built

Salary:$35-$45 per hour, 3-month contract


Core Competencies/Qualifications:

Strong SQL and PL/SQL skills.  Experience with data warehouse design for non-transactional (research and reporting) systems.

Given the project timeline, the candidate must be available to begin work by spring 2012.   Candidates will be asked to provide 3 references, and may be asked to demonstrate their technical skills.

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