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The City University of New York (CUNY) and the NYC Department of Education (DOE) are collaborating in the areas of research, partner engagement, aligning academic standards, advisement and counseling, and accountability and sustainability in an initiative known as Graduate NYC!.  This partnership is in the second year of a three-year Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Communities Learning in Partnership (CLIP) grant, and aims to improve college readiness and to increase success rates in higher education.

The success of the research component hinges on the ability to conduct analysis and reporting easily and efficiently.  As such, a key component of the collaborative is the construction of a data warehouse to store student-level data from DOE and CUNY.  The warehouse will be designed to support the tracking of students over their high school and college careers. This warehouse will support policy-oriented research as well as reporting of student outcomes to DOE high schools and CUNY colleges.  The warehouse will be built on an Oracle platform and employ Oracle’s Business Intelligence software (Discoverer).

Other Duties:

The Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of the data warehouse, directing the work of the technical team and coordinating with the research team.  More specifically, the Project Manager will supervise the efforts of a database design consultant and a part-time programmer dedicated to the project, and will consult with and draw support from DOE and CUNY data analysts as well as database developers (including a DBA) who work full-time in CUNY’s Offices of Institutional and Policy Research.

Key Duties:

• Ensure the project meets key milestones and the deliverables meet stated business requirements

• With the Graduate NYC! Project Director, and CUNY and DOE data staff, procure database design consultant

• Document all aspects of project implementation and closure

• Finalize and document the functional design specifications of the warehouse including: hardware and software requirements; analytical and end-user requirements

• Oversee the work of the consultant, ensuring successful delivery of all contracted development services

• Oversee the work of the SQL coder who will implement the database design specifications

• Track tasks, resources and timelines using Microsoft Project or similar software

• Prepare bi-weekly progress reports to document milestones and issues

• Prepare technical documentation for the system and provide technical support to users

• Conduct training for DOE and CUNY analysts

• Maintain confidentiality of data as required by the project or as directed by supervisors

Salary:$45-$55 per hour, 19 hours/week for 52 weeks

Core Competencies/Qualifications:

• Project management experience in the areas of database design or related technology projects;

• Ability to exercise independent judgment within the parameters of the project plan;

• Ability to build consensus among multiple stakeholders;

• Strong oral and written communication skills.

Selected candidates will be asked for 3 references.

Given the project timeline, the candidate must be available to begin work by January 2012.  Apply at:

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