Darwin Internships – American Museum of Natural History – Summer 2012

The Darwin Manuscripts Project has openings for a number of interns to serve as Editorial & Research Assistants. The Project is engaged in a producing a scholarly edition of the entire corpus of Charles Darwin’s Scientific Manuscripts.

We are based in the Research Library of The American Museum of Natural History, which hosts our website (http://darwin.amnh.org). Our work is supported by The National Science Foundation & The National Endowment for the Humanities.

Interns can expect to make contributions in several areas depending on their background. Typical work ranges from proof reading, scanning, image processing, database and spread sheet entry, to learning textual editing, to transcribing Darwin’s digitized scientific notes, and performing historical research for substantive footnotes and for bibliographic citations.

These internships are only suitable for persons comfortable with using standard office computer tools. Genuine interest and knowledge in one or more areas of the natural sciences, arts, or humanities is expected. Intelligence and dependability are the key assets. Learn to navigate http://darwin.amnh.org before you apply.

Kindly send resume to Professor David Kohn, General Editor dkohn@amnh.org. Specify desired starting date, days, hours, and number of hours a week available. Note: there is a minimum 14 hour weekly, six week commitment. Positions can be extended beyond the summer.