Internships – The ARChive of Contemporary Music

The ARChive of Contemporary Music
54 White Street
New York NY 10013 USA

(212) 226-6967

The ARC has several internship positions available for students during the fall semester.


Interns will receive training that enables them to catalog CDs, vinyl LPs, or books in our File Maker Pro Database using our in-house cataloging rules.  We depend directly on our interns and allow them a great deal of hands-on experience and responsibility.  Interns may work on related projects (for example, in-filing, processing donations, etc.) as needed, if they are interested.


Ideal for the position is a student with a background or interest in music, musicology, fine art, and/or library & information science.

Candidates must:

– Possess good interpersonal skills.

– Be responsible, reliable, and detail-oriented.

– Be able to handle delicate and valuable materials with care.

Undergraduate library experience and/or graduate-level library classes are preferred.

Digitization Interns:

The ARChive of Contemporary Music is the largest collection of popular music in America, with more than two million recordings.  Our music book collection is also one of the best in America, numbering 20,000+ volumes.  To scan this resource the Internet Archive has installed one of their Scribe machines in our Lower Manhattan facility.  When completed, all of our materials will be preserved electronically, OCR Readable, and available in-house for reading and research.  Digitization interns will be trained to scan initially, then will be introduced to more complex tasks once they are familiar with the process.

Tasks include:

-Loading, Scanning, and Republishing books while ensuring high quality standards.

-Training and working as a team.

-Trouble shooting the scribe machine, mitigating cataloging inconsistencies, and navigating open source software at Internet Archive.

-Keeping work areas and equipment clean, neat, and organized.


-Strong technical (software/hardware) and troubleshooting skills

-Ability to sit for 6-7 hour periods, and comfort with repetitive motion

-Highly organized

-Excellent attention to detail

-Familiarity and enthusiasm for music, books, and the arts!

Students interested in both positions are certainly welcome to apply to them concurrently.  Please send your resume as well as a letter stating your interest to Quinn MacRorie at .

The ARC is a not-for-profit archive, music library and research center located in New York City.  The ARChive collects preserves and provides information on the popular music of all cultures throughout the world.   Since 1985 our holdings have grown to two million sound recordings, making the ARChive the largest popular music collection in the World.  As of 2009 it is in partnership with Columbia University.