Liberty State Park CRRNJ Terminal in Jersey City – 3 Internships

The library and archives at Liberty State Park CRRNJ Terminal in Jersey City, NJ has three internship opportunities. We are currently working on two projects that would give an intern hands on experience performing all necessary tasks in relation to his/her project.

The first and biggest project is the Peter Ylvisaker Collection of papers, which deals with the creation of LSP. The candidate would be responsible for removing all metal fasteners (paperclips and staples), rehousing, scanning, shelving and entering scans and metadata into PastPerfect. For this project, we would need two interns.

The second project is in the LSP library, where the book collection which pertains to New Jersey transportation history, needs to be covered in Mylar, assigned a Dewey decimal number and finally all newly assigned numbers must be entered into PastPerfect to correspond to each book’s accession number. This is a perfect opportunity to utilize cataloging and preservation skills. For this project we need one intern.

All candidates should understand that this internship simulates a real life job experience. You may expect to be treated as a team member, whose suggestions will be taken into consideration. Candidates must be able to work independently and exercise an understanding of best practices, organization, but also be able to function as part of a team.

Interested parties should email a cover letter and resume/CV to:

Michael Timpanaro (Resource Interpretive Specialist, Liberty State Park Historian) at: