WordPress Developer Needed – CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies

A WordPress Developer needed to develop the Website for CUNY Baccalaureate based on the current site (http://cunyba.gc.cuny.edu) and hosted on an institutional server.
The main skills we are looking for:

  • WordPress – Custom theme development
  • HTML 4 and 5 / CSS 2 and 3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Ability to communicate with institutional developers, CUNY BA administrators, and the site’s WordPress administrator.

The ideal candidate will also know:

  • SEO techniques
  • Basic graphic design skills (GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator or equivalents)


The project is expected to require 60 hours of work, at $75.00 per hour.  A total payment of $4,500 is therefore offered.  It will be paid in three installments: demonstration of the initial prototype ($1,500), putting the new site into production ($1,500) and at the end of 3 months of continued service as needed and successful post-production operation ($1,500).

What you’ll do:
Your main objective is to develop a new CUNY BA Website that will provide a similar front-end experience to what is currently in place.  Historically, the CUNY BA has never had a dedicated Web developer, but instead benefited from tweaking over time by student WordPress site administrators.  Since its initial launch, these enhanced features have brought useful and necessary functions to the site.  However, many customized features have not been implemented using methods that allow the site to update gracefully.

We are looking for a Web developer to create a WordPress child theme, and implement other site features according to quality coding guidelines.  The site prototype should be completed and ready for production by March 15, 2013 or sooner.  Continued development in the post-production phase will consist of minor enhancements to the framework, and any necessary changes to ensure the basic operation of the site.

You will also be expected to teach specific CUNY BA staff members and the site’s current Webmaster what you have done so they can effectively continue to manage and enhance the site.

How to apply:
Please express your interest via email, including ALL of the following to bkneller@gc.cuny.edu:

  • CV / resume
  • your availability
  • a list of recent development projects that you’ve worked on
  • why you’re interested in this position
  • code example


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