Recruitment Strategist/Non-Teaching Adjunct

spsThe CUNY School of Professional Studies (SPS) offers innovative undergraduate and graduate level courses, certificates and degree programs, including CUNY’s first online degrees. Drawing on CUNY’s nationally renowned faculty and practitioners, SPS offers programs in a wide range of disciplines, including Applied Theatre, Business, Disability Studies, Labor Studies, Urban Studies, and Health Information Management.

The Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies is a collaboration between the University and New York City labor unions, for the purpose of serving the educational, policy and research needs of unions and their members. The mission of the Institute is to: 1) offer undergraduate and graduate programs to labor and urban studies; 2) expand working adult student access to colleges throughout the CUNY system; and partner with labor unions and employers to address training and education needs of union members, and 3) serve the labor and broader community by conducting research, offering leadership development programs, hosting forums and national conferences, publishing articles, books and a national labor journal to promote debate on issues critical to labor’s future and its policy role.

The Recruitment Strategist/Non-Teaching Adjunct will serve as an internal consultant for the development of successful recruitment strategies for certificate and degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. S/he will:

•     Analyze current recruitment strategies, identifying weaknesses and seeking out new opportunities for reaching prospective students

•     Help design and then coordinate the implementation of the Institute’s recruitment plan

•     Help current recruitment staff develop professionally and implement new strategies for reaching students and improving admissions yield

•     Coordinate admissions events and other recruitment opportunities

•     Supervise the use of promotional materials to reach prospective students

•     Maintain and analyze recruitment and admissions statistics

Candidates should have significant experience in college or university outreach/enrollment management, knowledge of admissions policies, and some familiarity with social science fields and organizations, including Urban Studies, community organizations, Labor Studies, and the labor movement.

Please send cover letter and resume to:

Kitty Weiss Krupat

Associate Director

Murphy Institute, CUNY


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