“Hidden Collections” Internships at The American Museum of Natural History

hiddencollections2The American Museum of Natural History is implementing its new CLIR funded Hidden Collections project for the Library and Science Department archives.

Beginning in September 2013, interns are needed to develop finding aids in EAD and authority records in EAC for collections identified in a recent inventory/survey project. Interns will work in teams supervised by two Project Archivists with oversight by the AMNH Museum Archivist.

Scientific expeditions and field work are the foundation for resource gathering by natural science museums worldwide; artifacts and specimens collected by AMNH researchers in the field form the core of American Museum of Natural History’s scientific research collections. The Lumholtz Expeditions to Mexico, 1890-98; the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, 1897-1902; the Vernay Hopwood Chindwin Expedition to Burma, 1934-35; the Whitney South Sea Expedition, 1921-37; the Archbold New Guinea, 1933-64; and the Central Asiatic Expeditions, 1921-30, are a few of the most prominent. Scientists, artists, photographers, and field assistants give valuable context to the objects in the scientific collections in their observations about the biology, cultural traditions and ecological conditions of the specimens and artifacts. Their notes and sketches, diaries, journals, specimen books, photographs, recorded sound, and moving images, are held in each of the AMNH departmental archives. Describing these archival records will enrich the experiences of all who use the AMNH object collections for research in the disciplines of systematic biology, ecology, cultural anthropology, and the history of science, as well as those who prepare exhibitions and educational programs for the millions of visitors to the Museum and its websites.

Requirements include knowledge and aptitude for organizing archival materials, including a familiarity with MARC, DACS and EAD. We require that our interns have an ability to think analytically, take initiative and be mindful of details. Interns must be dependable and committed to the completion of their part of the project; have good communication skills and the ability to work with others including the scientific staff. A strong interest in natural science is required, with knowledge of the subject matter helpful. This is a learning experience but students with previous finding aid experience are also encouraged to apply.

Send resume and cover to rmorgan@amnh.org. Cover letter should include availability, specifically the days, hours, and number of hours a week available.

For more information about the AMNH Archive Project please see http://images.library.amnh.org/hiddencollections/