Digital Pedagogy Consultant to MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program

We seek a digital pedagogy consultant to work with the director of Kean University’s Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies program ( on developing a MOOC with the working title, “Introduction to Genocide.”

The MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies is one of three programs of its kind in the United States and the one closest to New York City, a center of human rights activity. The MOOC is to be designed for innovative open-source instruction and for student recruitment. The project is driven by a commitment to openness and a belief that the course will inspire participants to join our program for further intensive study and career prospects. Since its rededication in 2012, the MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies has graduated some 50 students who now pursue professions as directors of sites of conscience, teach at universities, pursue higher degrees, run resource centers, staff NGOs (non-governmental organizations), create curricula and model courses, curate exhibits, serve as policymakers, and develop commercial ventures.

The Digital Pedagogy Consultant responsibilities include:

  • training the program’s director to use the tools for developing the MOOC
  • technical support of the program’s director in designing and developing the LMS platform
  • identify and create a network for enlisting participants. The consultant must possess expertise in digital pedagogy
  • be willing to meet ftf with the program director at least at the beginning of the process
  • have a good understanding of socially networked online spaces and a variety of digital tools
  • knowledge of information architecture, usability, and the user experience
  • the ability to create a visually attractive, informative, and well-presented learning environment
  • and possible support, and negotiated, of the course as it is running. The course is expected to run in fall 2018.

Experience with the following tools is desired:

  • appropriate software
  • common web and social media applications (e.g., Twitter, Flickr, YouTube)
  • multimedia (e.g., photos, videos, podcasts).

Hours and Pay:​ The project begins on July 20, 2017 and will last through the fall semester (to December 20) and, if necessary, into the spring semester, until the platform is complete and a network is in place for maximum exposure and recruitment potential; 6 hours a week in July, 12 hours a week in August, and 6 hours during the academic year, $25/hour.

Deadline: ​Applications should be submitted by Wednesday, July 12, 2017 by noon (12pm). Application:​ To apply, please submit a cover letter, CV, and representative samples of your digital work to Dr. Dennis Klein,