Preservation and Accessibility Technician – CUNY TV

Title/Level: Broadcast Associate Level 1
From time of appointment to June 30
20 hours per week


The Preservation and Accessibility Technician will assist the Captioning Coordinator and Archivist in digitizing audiovisual assets for preservation and access as well as transcribing and captioning audiovisual assets to ensure that they meet CUNY Television’s accessibility requirements.

General Duties and Responsibilities

– Review, format, and correct video transcriptions and captioning.
– Set timing, placement, formatting, and context for captioning data.
– Digitize material as assigned for preservation and accessibility.
– Calibrate and maintain video hardware and tools.
– Maintain documentation or digitization events.
– Other duties as assigned

Qualification Requirements

– Strong writing, editing and grammar skills – prior proofreading or professional writing experience helpful.
– Ability to work on numerous projects simultaneously.
– Familiarity with video terminology and technology.
– Experience working on digitization projects is a plus.
– Experience with legacy audiovisual formats is a plus.
To apply please email a CV and cover letter to